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Courtney McAra

President, Mustang MarTech LLC
Courtney has become a respected leader in the Marketing Operations field during the past decade.  Her experiences ranges from a small Seattle startup, to Egencia, an Expedia, Inc. company, to landing her dream job at Marketo, have formed her opinions on how to architect marketing automation in anticipation for scale.

Her most recent role was at SurveyMonkey, now known as  She joined the Palo Alto team in 2015, inheriting a four-year-old Marketo database that was being shared by multiple divisions with no central administrator. Courtney was able to re-configure Marketo to handle the workload of both self-serve product-lead growth, and 8 enterprise sales-assisted product lines. She went from a one-woman show to leading a team responsible for lifecycle, scoring, nurture, newsletters, compliance, consent, integrations, etc. After years of hard work, collaboration, adjustments, and patience, SurveyMonkey went public in 2018 with future plans to aggressively expand to international markets. 

This journey sparked Courtney's desire to make a greater impact and eventually led her to become an independent consultant at Mustang MarTech.  She now spends her time helping multiple businesses streamline their collective results and, when necessary, tame their wild databases.

Grant Grigorian

B2B Marketing Analytics Consultant, SignalOn
Grant is an industry leader in the field of marketing analytics with over 10 years of experience in martech. Grant built his own marketing analytics software company, Path to Scale, and then sold it to Engagio. He now runs his own marketing analytics company Signalon which builds analytics apps for marketers and provides consulting services.
Grant’s current interest is how best to tell marketing data stories: how do we create actionable insights to enable our colleagues to be data informed?

An important part of Grant’s career has been his focus on the community. He used to be the leader of the Marketo User Group in Denver, a role that he utilized to help professional colleagues connect to new employers, learn new skills and stay up to date with industry news. More recently Grant has also started working with Highway Education (which provides aspiring professionals an affordable and accessible pathway to careers in digital marketing, specifically B2B MOPs/DGen) as an analytics instructor.
He lives in Yellow Springs, Ohio and loves to read, take care of animals, visit art galleries, play with his kids, and volunteer for political campaigns.
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